Nano Pro Liquid Glass Screen Protector

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This isn't your average screen protector! This is advanced nanotechnology. Simply apply the liquid to the surface of your phone & you have the ultimate protection. Much better than the conventional toughened glass screen protectors! 

  • Step 1. Clean your device with the cloth provided in sachet 1.
  • Step 2. Wipe the Nano crystal liquid cloth over the entire device the in sachet 2.
  • Step 3. Allow the device to dry for at least 20 minutes (overnight is best!).

Our Nano Pro liquid glass screen protector provides an anti-microbial property to both sanitize and keep your mobile device free from viruses, bacteria and germs but most importantly damage! Please note this is not a plastic or tempered glass screen protector, in-fact tests show our screen protector to be 600 times more scratch resistance than conventional toughened glass screen protectors. It's simple and quick to apply. 

Protect your precious. For less than the price of a large pizza 🍕

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